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In my e-learning school Communication4Diversity the core skills courses in emotional awareness, empathic listening and starting difficult conversations are the baseline skills necessary to understand why you feel the way you feel; how to listen to others on their terms; and how to raise issues that are important to you while staying in connection. Future courses will focus on facing and challenging privilege; understanding triggers and where they come from; and self-care and support. Links to courses currently available are below.

The courses are designed to take about an hour in total and are structured so that you can work through the sections at your own pace. They include a combination of videos, text and presentations with downloadable resources to keep.

"Jenny always makes me feel like she's in the room with me guiding me through the course, it's never just another online video."
Anna, 49
Retired CEO
“The structure of the session helps to create a psychologically safe space for self reflection and learning. I enjoyed participating at my own pace, logging on listening and then taking time to reflect, like a good book it left me looking forward to the next chapter.”
Serena Field
CQC Consultant

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