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About Jenny Tipping

I am a certified trainer and coach in Nonviolent Communication and Needs-Based Coaching.  I also spent nearly two decades as a truck driver and instructor.  I know first hand how power and privilege in the transport and logistics industry play out through microaggressions and stereotyped expectations.  I also know how warm and welcoming the industry can be and have seen it evolve towards that.  


Jenny Tipping with HGV

Work in male-dominated industries.

I spent many years as a truck driver in construction, general haulage and the postal service.  As an instructor I have also taught people from the emergency services, the armed forces and all types of road haulage.  Around 95% of my colleagues and pupils have been men.  

Over the years I have engaged with many people in the industry who are interested in challenging and changing the relations of power and privilege in the transport and logistics industry.  As I continue this work, I look forward to meeting many more in the future.

Diversity and Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg brings our attention to how our behaviour is always an attempt to meet our needs, and those needs are the same for everyone.  NVC is ideally suited to disrupting traditional dynamics of power and privilege as it encourages us to open ourselves up to connect with others with empathy and to see everyone for their true humanity.

I have been a Quaker since 2013 and my work training in NVC is both a profession and an expression of my faith.  For me, diversity work is peace work.

Jenny Tipping, speaking at Women in Logistics