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About Jenny Tipping

I am a facilitator, online course creator and writer.  I am also a truck driver and truck instructor.  It is at the intersection of this unusual combination of experience that my work lies.

I believe that diversity is about being open to the other, about challenging our own assumptions and privilege, and about speaking up for ourselves and those with less power, while maintaining connection and empathy.

For me this goes further than altering the statistics in a workplace, this is about learning the skills to make the world a better place for everyone.

Jenny Tipping with HGV

Work in male-dominated industries.

I spent 15 years as a truck driver in construction, general haulage and the postal service.  As an instructor I have also taught people from the emergency services, the armed forces and all types of road haulage.  Around 95% of my colleagues and pupils have been men.  

The traditional male-dominated industries can be places of hard work and even harder attitudes, but they can also be places of tremendous emotional intelligence and warmth, where people of all backgrounds and persuasions can feel at home and thrive.

Through online courses, facilitated groups and one-to-one coaching, I support both women and men to find their path with a focus on female empowerment, empathic leadership and communication skills.

Diversity and Nonviolent Communication

I have been interested in personal development since my early 20s and in 2015 I discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. On one level this simple process provides steps to follow to facilitate greater connection with the self and others.  On another level this process keeps an eye on the big picture of how much happier and more peaceful the world could be if everyone learned to speak from the heart and listen to the heart of the other.

I have been a Quaker since 2013 and my work training in NVC is both a profession and an expression of my faith.  For me, diversity work is peace work.

Jenny Tipping, speaking at Women in Logistics

I run courses for individuals both in person and online to create spaces where people can find their voice and through that their true authenticity and power.