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At the heart of my approach to coaching is empathy. I listen with empathy to what has brought you to coaching.

Together we explore the trigger points, what it is about them and what it is they are triggering in you.

Then we get to the underlying need, longing or value that is not being met and work out ways to meet it.

Through this you will learn the skills to empathise with yourself so that you can move out of stuck patterns and get what you are longing for in life.

Who is coaching for?

Anyone who is finding themselves stuck and wants to move through the stuckness to a place of flow and ease in life.

What issues could we cover?


  • Taking the step forward into leadership
  • Getting clear on your next career step
  • Incidents from the past that you believe may be holding you back in the present


  • Work situations where you are unclear how to proceed
  • Recurring patterns with one colleague or a group of colleagues
  • How to get yourself heard


  • Empathic leadership training
  • Group decision-making
  • Openness to diverse teams

Systemic Factors

I am very interested in systemic factors. It may be that there is an issue that you had always believed to be personal but you might be coming to realise that there are systemic factors at play.

You might have come up against systemic racism or sexism or any other sort of ‘ism’ and you don’t know how to move forward with it.

Alexander Milov sculpture from Burning Man

Coaching can be in person or online. 
Create a space where you can find your voice, your true authenticity and power.