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Welcome to my blog where I expand my ideas on gender, diversity, nonviolence and personal development.

Jenny Tipping

I offer group courses and one-to-one coaching in empathic communication with a particular focus on diversity. View my Upcoming Events > If you are interested in how people in your business can work better together, please get in touch or sign up for my newsletter.

Free online mini-course “Banter or bullying: where do you draw your line?”

My new course is ready to go!  Banter or bullying: Where do you draw your line? The topic of banter came up a lot in my interviews with young women
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Why improving diversity is a nonviolent act.

We think of diversity and inclusion as policies which organisations adopt to improve their demographic balance.  There are programmes to support and empower women, people of colour and people from
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Call out for interviewees!

Are you female, under 35 and working in a male-dominated field? If so, I would love to hear from you. I am developing some online personal development courses for young
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What is Nonviolent Communication?

What is Nonviolent Communication?  NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, an American psychologist, in the 1960s. On a purely practical level it is a series of steps to follow, to
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What is Patriarchy?

Patriarchy is a term which pits women against men and women who are willing to call themselves feminists against those who are not.  In fact, the word itself is often
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The Political is Personal

Second wave feminism told us that the personal is political  – what happens in the home is reflective of what is going on in society as a whole.  It reminds
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