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I Belong Here by Anita Sethi

I Belong Here by Anita Sethi.    Anita Sethi’s book is an exploration of belonging in the country, in the land and in the self.  Following a race hate crime, where,
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Allyship: from performance to coalition

I realised after writing this initial post that it did not include enough LGBT+ voices – only one out of three quoted.  I have read a lot of literature concerning
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Empathising with the other is the first step to nonviolence

Empathy in a time of conflict

Empathy in a time of conflict As I sit here, along with the rest of the world waiting for Putin’s 40 mile long convoy to reach Kyiv, I feel exhausted
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Don't touch my hair - book cover

Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri – Review

Don’t Touch My Hair by Emma Dabiri is a powerful combination of memoir, history and political polemic.  Woven into the braids of African hair is the story of pre-colonial Africa
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The Value of Integration

The value of integration I saw this sign in a warehouse directing people to ‘Inward Tipping’ and it got me thinking.  I have spent many years firstly training for, building
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Free online mini-course “Banter or bullying: where do you draw your line?”

My new course is ready to go!  Banter or bullying: Where do you draw your line? The topic of banter came up a lot in my interviews with young women
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